Texas car accident statistics

car accident in mc allen, txMany Texas residents are unaware of the number of serious and fatal accidents caused due to car, truck and bike collisions.
But, that is no longer the case anymore. Car accident victims of Texas and their kin can look forward to highly skilled, aggressive legal representation from a law firm that can offer them statewide legal advice, settlements and arbitration compensations for their injuries along with guaranteed no-charges for legal services till their clients receive damage recovery.


Few Texas citizens would know the shocking facts about Texas car accidents being the highest in the winter months of December through January, most occurring in the period of 3 in the afternoon to 5 in the evening. Research reveals that most cases involved a rear-end collision where one car was still moving when the other stopped or with both cars moving at the same time. However, in either case, it was discovered that one driver had crossed the permissible speed limit, causing the accident with most drivers involved in such car accidents aged between 16 to 25 years.

Legal Representation

The true legal representative, like a car accident lawyer in Mc Allen,  would be knowledgeable about the most common conditions leading to the shocking number of car accidents in Texas occurring due to thoughtless driving, lack of adherence to traffic regulations and awareness about driving conditions. He or she could clearly and persuasively hold up the available statistics of over 75,000 rear-end collisions having taken place till 2009, across Texas communities – a clear rise from the 35,000 recorded in 2007.

Call for Action

Caring individuals who are also active community members urge fellow Texas residents to stay on top of actions that would help them reduce their risks of suffering from accident lawyers by alerting them about the critical nature of staying within speed limits and staying updated about traffic conditions. They know that talking on the phone and driving has caused many car accidents that could have easily been avoided and of courser. In the course of a long legal career, the skilled car accident attorney knows only too well how experience is vital for helping clients process their claims in and out of court to receive maximum compensation for their trauma.

Finding a good car accident attorney in Texas is not always about picking one out of the phone book. It is about finding one that you resonate with and you know will work hard and ethically to get you justice. If you need an attorney to handle your case, you might want to think about “interviewing” a few before making a final decision.